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About Us

We Are FLY!

FlyTechnista (pronounced 'Fly-Tech-neesta'), is an online community that seeks to bridge the gap between women & girls and access to education, career & entrepreneurship opportunities in technology; by helping them to connect to curated resources from our partners, and within the global tech ecosystem—in a centralized place.

We seek to empower women & girls to become confident creators, innovators, and leaders in technology.
  • We engage women & girls through unique opportunities, and educational events.
  • We help to equip women with technical skills for enjoyment or employment.
  • We're committed to advancing and retaining women in tech; to end gender-parities.
  • We provide economic opportunities and educational resources for women in technology.

In April 2016—we announced our initiative STEEAMnista, a unique series of events; focused on increasing the participation, visibility, leadership, and celebrating the achievements of women across S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) + Entrepreneurship + Makers.

In September 2016—we participated in The White House & President Barack Obama's Computer Science for All (#CSforAll) initiative—committing to engage 5,000 students in CS across 5-US cities (New York / Boston / Washington, DC / Atlanta / Oakland).